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What is Freelancer? Best freelancer portal in India

Even though new people know about freelancing, Yet they hesitate how to start it or how to do it. They ask many people that “What is Freelancing?” How is freelancing done? “If you also want to get an answer to this question then read this post carefully today I will tell in this post what is a freelancer and what are the best freelancing portals in India?

Although there are many ways to earn money online, if you want to earn money instantly from the Internet, then freelancing can be a great way for you. Because in this you can earn good work in less time by working on the internet. So let’s know what freelancing is?

What is freelancing?

Freelancing is a Contract Based Service. Under this, you take some money in exchange for a person’s work, whatever it may be. Suppose a person comes to Article Writing and another person wants to write content from the first person, then he will give money to the first person in return.

If a person has Talent. So he can earn a lot of money using his Talent. The more work a person does, the more assignments and orders he will get.

Freelancing can be done both online and offline.

People or organizations working online are called Freelancer. In fact, freelancing is the only way to work independently. Here, when you want, you can do any work, such as website development, 3D animation, photo editing, data entry or content writing etc.

There are many popular websites on the Internet that offer freelancing services called Freelance Marketplace. You can start freelancing by registering on any of these. The jobbers on these websites are called customers and those who complete these tasks are called Freelancer or service provider.

What are the best freelancing portals in India?

What is freelancing?

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Below is the description of India’s Best Freelancing Portal.

1. Freelance India

Freelance India is one of the top freelancing sites in India. On this website, you will find many types of work. All you need to know is how this website works. You just need to sign-up here. According to your work, you can take both free and Paid membership here.

This is one of the oldest sites, here you will get all kinds of projects and individual work if you get any work. So here you will be charged per hour, whose price starts from $ 5 and later it goes up to $ 100 per hour. Today, millions of people are making money using this website.

2. Upwork

Upwork is a freelancing portal where you can start your own business and choose your customer. On this website, all you need to do is sign-up and create your profile. After that, you have to find work according to yourself. Maybe because of your good work, clients who use Upwork can also offer you work.

It is not the oldest but in today’s time is the best freelancing site for any company or individual. Many companies in India are running only because of Upwork. Here you will get all kinds of work such as App development, website designing, content writing, paid advertising, and SEO.

3. Truelancer

Truelancer is one of the top freelancing sites in India that provides good-paying jobs. Various tasks like web designing, computer programming, marketing, logo designing, copywriting, and many more are given on this website. The Truelancer website is designed in such a way that Freelancer gets paid on time, they also try their best for 100% customer satisfaction.

If you want small projects and want fast, you can create an account on Truelancer. This website is most popular for Indian project and many of the tasks of content writing and website designing are easily found here.

4. Guru

The website is a network of people who focus on freelance assignments. You can find a job at the place where you live by making your assignment on this website. By using the ‘workroom’ given on the website, you can keep everything on track and easily help each other. Guru provides you all kinds of facilities for choosing your work, interacting with customers, sharing files, and payment.

5. 99designs

99designs is one of Freelancing’s oldest websites. This website provides very good content while retaining the credibility of the clients. From here, you can get information or assignment of corporate logos, book cover, digital advertising banner, and design-related tasks. Working as a freelancer at 99designs is like participating in a competition. You will get paid only when you submit your work by fulfilling the given criteria and when it is selected.


When it comes to freelancing, one of the most reliable job portals in India, offers many options for people to choose a job. There are about 2000 job opportunities for freelancers here for jobs like freelance consultant, freelance content writer, business development executive, business development manager, freelance trainer, freelance recruitment, HR recruitment, and marketing manager.

Friends, you must now understand what freelancing is? And who is the best freelancing portal in India? If you want to earn money sitting at home online without doing any job. If you have any questions, if you want to get the job of Freelancer, then you must write information about it in the comment.

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