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5 Free keyword research tools 2020

Hello friends and welcome to all of you once again on your own website. I hope you all are doing well. Today I am going to tell you about Free keyword research tools. If you are a Blogger then there is a big challenge is keyword research. There are many good tools for keyword research but they all are paid. there is a big challenge for newbie bloggers because they had no enough money to pay for those tools. So here you are going to have a solution to your problem. Free keyword research tools If you will apply these keywords on your website you will get massive traffic on your website.

so let’s get started

Free keyword research tools in 2020


So, guys, our first tools is this is a good and enough tool for blogging I personally use it for my keyword researches.

you will find results from directly Google so it will Good for you ranking in google’s first position.



wordtracker is also a good tool for keyword research many Blogger suggest this for keyword research.

From wordtracker’s website:- Take competitors’ keywords, in-depth PPC and SEO insights, data from Google, and our own proprietary search technology… All you need to do is start searching.

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This tool shows you the data from Google searches, so you can easily understand what are the people searching about.

From answerthepublic’s website:-

There are 3 billion+ searches made every day, and 20% of those have never been seen before. They’re like a direct line to your customers’ thoughts…

Sometimes that’s ‘How do I remove paper jam’. Other times it’s the wrenching fears and secret hankerings they’d only ever dare share with Google.

AnswerThePublic listens into autocomplete data from search engines like Google then quickly cranks out every useful phrase and questions people are asking around your keyword.

It’s a goldmine of consumer insight you can use to create fresh, ultra-useful content, products, and services. The kind your customers really want.


4. Google trends


Google trends provide us by Google which analyzes top searches done at google which gives an idea about keywords searches.

this website is not for keyword research but we can use it for keyword research also.


5. keysearch

our last tool is

which provides you to research on your keywords. there are more keywords research tools in the internet world but I provide you good for searches, good interface, and accurate results.




Here I provide you some free keyword research tools With the help of which you can easily do keyword research. If you are a Blogger then you definitely know how keyword plays an important role in the Blogging journey. if you do research of your keywords then you will definitely get more organic traffic directly from google. You must have known that organic traffic is very important for the success of your Blog.

I have a question for you that

How you do your keyword research(free tool or paid)?



at last, I Want you to tell you, friends, If you have got a little knowledge, then do share this post.


Thanks for reading till the end.


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